Friday, November 12, 2010

Teaching is an interesting job...

I teach high school social studies. I enjoy doing it, and I'm guessing I'll be at it for a long time. I think I'm good at it, but I am not exactly sure...I'm not convinced one can ever be sure.

This blog is not an attempt to show the world how great I am or to impart great wisdom upon my colleagues. It is simply my attempt at finding out what kind of teacher I am, and how I can be better.

If you are at all interested in education, I encourage you to write me. Perhaps we can discourse on the state of American Education. Perhaps we can share ideas. Perhaps we can both learn something.


  1. Dear Mr. Timmer,

    I am at all interested in education. Let us discourse so that we can share ideas and perhaps both learn something.

    How are the kids treating you this year? Are you ready to make like a git and quit so that you can attend law school?

    What are your thoughts on getting rid of the US Department of Education?

  2. Never going to is just too much fun. If I did quit, you would more likely see me working at Best Buy than going to law school...that, or seminary.

    If the Department of Education were gotten rid of, I would espouse re-creating it rather than abandoning it. The DOE might not be the best thing in the world, but the alternatives (namely privatizing) would probably be worse.

    If we just get rid of it the likelihood of educator fraud increases, we abandon the education of about 20 million kids (notably in inner-city and rural areas), and half of the lawyer population in Texas is out of a job because they can't fight over textbooks anymore.

    If we keep it actual problems in schools continue to get blamed on lack of money, bad teachers with tenure continue to work, and Glenn Beck continues to have one more thing to rant about.

    Not a lot of positives on either side.